SOS Lab (Science of Subjectivity)

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My Research

I am a scientist first, and my area of expertise is human behavior.  I support and strive for open and reproducible science, and pay particular attention to measurement and psychometrics.  Most of my research/teaching resides in a space that intersects psychology, education, language, communications, statistics, measurement, computer science, and technology.  One line of my research/teaching involves the learning, teaching, practicing, and improvement of psychology as science.  Another line involves measuring personality and social dynamics (including language) in real-life (virtual and non-virtual) contexts and person perception in relation to self-presentation, self-concept, and other-perception.  Another line involves the measurement of online human behavior (verbal and nonverbal), as well as using the internet as a learning, teaching, and research tool.  I am also passionate about and study the dynamics of education, teaching, and learning; with various projects focusing on the development, complex dynamics, and improvement of online and non-traditional education.  I love academia where I have fun with research; teaching; mentoring to, learning from, and working with students!

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Current lab members include: Lauren Keller, Rachel Kraus, Clare Merrigan, Christian Newell, Anna Reed-Raney, Zarah Whitfield, and Laralin Worsham.

Lab Alumni:

  • Zach Van Cleef - now in Master in Human Computer Interaction program at Carnegie Mellon

  • Andrea Garrigos - now a Clinical Support Assistant at Rio Grande Valley Health Alliance

  • Hanna Garza - now in M.A. in Counseling program at St. Edward's University

  • Michael Garza - completed Data Analysis & Visualization program at the University of Texas at Austin

  • Ashley Gordon - Project Manager, Diversity and Inclusion, at Dell Technologies

  • Emma Graves - now in Master of Social Work program at University of Chicago

  • Michelle Gustafson - now a Case Manager and Admin Specialist at Caratis of Austin

  • Rabecca Hernandez - now in Master in Psychological Research program at Texas State University

  • Ashley Montgomery – completed M.S. in Counseling Psychology at Southern Nazarene University

  • Daniel Ortiz – completed Doctoral Medical program at the University of North Texas

  • Favianna Perez-Moreno - Committee Clerk at the Texas Senate

  • Taylor Polvadore – now in Doctoral Anthropology program at the University of Florida

  • Brittany Riggin – completed Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology program at the University of Oklahoma

  • Ashley Schenker – now a Production Manager at Indeed

  • Katherine Wheeler – completed M.A. in Special Education program at the University of Texas at Austin and is now a Board Certified Behavior Analyst

  • Grant Wiles – Regional Targeting and Analytics Director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

  • Chad Woods - completed Master of General Psychology program and now is Adjunct Instructor and Northwestern Oklahoma State University

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