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University of Texas at Austin

Ph.D in Psychology

Concentration: Personality/Social Psychology

Concentration: Advanced Applied Statistics and Research Methodology

Dissertation: The Effectiveness of Synchronous Massive Online Courses           at The University of Texas at Austin

Advisor: James W. Pennebaker

Advisor: Samuel D. Gosling


University of Central Oklahoma

M.A. in Experimental Psychology (with Honors)

Concentration: Social/Personality Psychology

Concentration: Statistics

Thesis: A Functional Role of Facebook: Psychological and Social Needs

Advisor: Alicia Limke-McLean

Advisor: Mike Knight


University of Central Oklahoma

B.A. in Psychology (Cum Laude) 

Thesis: Personality and Online Social Environments

Advisor: Alicia Limke-McLean

Advisor: Mike Knight


coming soon


coming soon

My publications can be viewed and downloaded on

ResearchGate by clicking HERE!  Additionally, I've authored or co-authored more than 50 empirically-based presentations at colloquia, conferences, and private and government institutions.  


I have been teaching in various capacities since 2008.

2018-2023: Assistant Professor and Chair of Psychology at Northwestern Oklahoma State University

  • 2021 Oklahoma Psychological Society's Outstanding Teacher​

Online Education Executive: 2011-2015, University of Texas at Austin

  • Managed the planning, development of, research, testing, maintenance, administration, data handling, technical reporting, university integration, students, users, support personnel, and marketing of a unique large-scale online education system which streams live interactive online classes from The University of Texas at Austin.  Click HERE to see some current courses offered through this system.

Professor/Instructor: various courses including:

  • Introductory Psychology

  • History of Psychology

  • Social Psychology

  • Personality Psychology (Undergraduate level)

  • Advanced Personality (Graduate level)

  • Theories of Learning and Cognition (Undergraduate level)

  • Advanced Cognitive Psychology (Graduate level)

  • Sensation and Perception

  • Introductory Statistics

  • Advanced Statistics (Undergraduate level)

  • Advanced Statistics (Graduate level)

  • Research Methods (Undergraduate level)

  • Research Methods (Graduate level)

  • Statistics for Assessment (Graduate level)

  • Assessment: Achievement, Personality, and Cognition (Graduate level)

  • Research & Field Experience

  • Teaching of Psychology (Graduate level)

Teaching Assistant: including more than 25 courses in varying roles:

  • Introductory Psychology

  • Social Psychology

  • Sensation, Perception, and Action

  • Theories of Learning and Cognition

  • Principles of Conditioning and Learning

  • Motivation and Emotion

  • Writing for Psychology

  • Introductory Statistics

  • Advanced Statistics

  • Experimental Psychology

  • Experimental Design (Graduate level)

  • Evolution of Human Sexual Behavior (Graduate level)

  • Intimate Relationships (Graduate level)

  • Psychology and Law (Graduate level)

  • Psychology of Persuasion (Graduate level)

  • Psychological Science (Graduate level)

  • Research Methods 1 (Graduate level)

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